How old is the path that we follow?

The Path

H HHow old is the path that we follow?
how long have we walked in these ways?
how old are our deepest traditions?
can these ages be counted in days?
F FFor our path is not always unbroken
at times it is hidden away,
sometimes only seen under moonlight
and not in the clear light of day.
A AAnd so sometimes the path it will call you
you will hear in the back of your mind,
the direction your soul needs to follow
for the answers that it needs to find.
T TThen we try to rebuild of the old ways
when thoughts were allowed to run free,
when the moon and the stars were held sacred
we were close to the land and the sea.
W WWe have no need of old books of dogma
designed to constrict and constrain;
For our ways are passed on in clear visions,
As we walk in the wind and the rain.
S SSo we gather in woodlands at nightfall
in awe of the moon and the stars,
we might be the world's lost children
But we're happy to know who we are.

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