A walk in the autumn landscape...

The Sadness of the Failing Year

T TThe equinox comes, and I walk through the fields
This Mabon: harvest of the fruits
Past rows of sunflowers, their heads hanging low
No more to mirror the sun but the brown earth;
And so to the woods
The sun, not so high now,
Shines through the canopy of green less verdant,
The shadows deeper,
leaves rustle on the mossy floor,
All is still, the ground baked dry,
Waits in quiet anticipation of winter rains,
The trees lament the passing year,
The flies less abundant against the sun
A web glints in a shaft of light between the trees,
A stillness has fallen on the land
Some lonely bird song, some fluttering wings
Pass and are gone
Where a sunbeam falls to the floor,
A green lizard basks and watches me approach
Then scampers away at the last moment,
Not wanting to shorten his time in the sun
Alas! the air has changed, summer is no more
Persephone must pass to the underworld,
The light must dim,
The land prepares to sleep.

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