Don't go there!

Plains of Despair

T TThe plains of despair
One year may be yellow oilseed
Another sun burnt wheat
Or the dark green tops of beetroot
Featureless lands no hedge or tree
To mark the miles
The plains of despair.
T TThe plains of despair
Stretch to the horizon
And when you walk there
In hope of happier view
Of distant mountains
or perhaps the sea
All you find continued are
The plains of despair.
T TThe plains of despair,
Although wilderness remote
have no peace for the soul
For ever present planes
drone ominous overhead
Their vapour trails graffiti in
The skies of despair.
T TThe skies of despair
stretch over suburbia
Where fields give way at last
to acres of grey concrete
on which stand
like ranks of soldiers condemned
to die in battle
legions of grey corporate cars
The transports of despair.
T TThe transports of despair
feed the lines of buildings
factories of death
where soul and spirit perish
leaving merely empty shells
that shuffle forms in triplicate
though never knowing why
Offices of despair.

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